Peer Review Process

Reviewers of journal of Walennae are competent in the field of archeology, history, ethnography, anthropology, and other supporting sciences related to human and culture, and able to work professionally by upholding the code of ethics of scientific publication as Reviewer. The Peer-reviewed Process of Walennae manuscript is as follows:

  1. Reviewers review the text in accordance with the field of science. If the manuscript is inconsistent with its field of competence, it is entitled to refuse to review and transfer to another more competent reviewer.
  2. The review process using double blind review, the reviewer does not know the identity of the author, vice versa.
  3. The process of reviewing a manuscript is done by at least two reviewers and the process of stages is done with the E-Journal system
  4. Reviewers review the manuscript within a maximum of 3 weeks from receipt of the text. Review process based on script substance (article quality), among others:


  1. If the review period of the manuscript has not been completed, the reviewer must confirm to the Editor in Chief of Walennae journal.
  2. During the review process, the reviewer reviews the manuscript through the checklist review forms available in this electronic journal application. If you find it difficult, the reviewer can manually review the manuscript on the checklist review form (Ms.Word format) sent by the Section Editor.
  3. The review results are returned to the Section Editor.
  4. Reviewer provides a review decision